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What Is The Difference Between Aluminum Plastic Cover And Plastic Cover?

Nov 26, 2022

What is the difference between an aluminum plastic cover and a plastic cover?

Aluminum-plastic cap, the full name of the aluminum-plastic composite cap, is a new type of cap that is popular in the field of liquor packaging. Because of its beautiful appearance, it is widely used in the packaging of various liquors. It is understood. This kind of fifth-generation bottle cap developed by our country is also called an aluminum-plastic cap in the industry. The aluminum plastic cover is a new type of rotating cover product designed according to actual needs. At present, with the improvement of people's material living standards, the requirements for product packaging quality have also increased accordingly, and the demand for packaging equipment is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is very important to develop domestic aluminum-plastic cover machines with moderate prices and strong applicability. So what is the difference between an aluminum plastic cover and a plastic cover?

What is the difference between an aluminum plastic cover and a plastic cover?

1. Aluminum plastic cap is a kind of food bottle cap, which is used for the sealing of oral liquid and bottled infusion and the packaging of food. Aluminum lids are an important part of food packaging and where consumers first come into contact with the product. Aluminum-plastic caps are widely used in bottled products because they can keep the contents sealed, and also have the functions of anti-theft and safety. Aluminum caps are upstream industries in food, beverage and manufacturing industries, and are an important product for bottle and container packaging.

2. For plastic bottle caps, aluminum-plastic bottle caps are more advantageous. The production of aluminum caps can be mechanized and large-scale, with low production cost, no pollution, and recyclability. The plastic cover has disadvantages such as high processing cost, low production efficiency, poor sealing performance, and serious environmental pollution, and the demand is decreasing day by day. The aluminum anti-theft cover developed in recent years overcomes the above shortcomings, and the demand is increasing year by year.

How did the aluminum plastic cover develop?

1. The aluminum plastic cap is mainly used to seal the bottle. Like the zipper, the aluminum-plastic cover, although very inconspicuous, has made an indelible contribution to the development of mankind. After long-term development, the technology of aluminum-plastic covers has become more and more mature, and the types are more convenient. The important thing is that it is more convenient and user-friendly to use. The early aluminum-plastic caps were mainly used for tinplate caps for glass bottle packaging. These aluminum plastic caps seal tightly but are inconvenient to open, which is very difficult and inconvenient for many people. With the invention and popularization of plastic bottles, ordinary rotary plastic aluminum-plastic caps have been widely used.

2. Most of the bottles, such as mineral water bottles and beverage bottles, are sealed with plastic rotating aluminum-plastic caps, which can be said to be widely used. However, the plastic aluminum-plastic cover has also exposed some problems recently, such as unsatisfactory sealing performance, easy breeding of bacteria, etc., which also affects its development. Another important aluminum-plastic cover is alcohol aluminum-plastic cover, mainly aluminum-plastic cover and aluminum cover, hard plastic cover.

3. The aluminum cover of the oral liquid has higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft. In recent years, nozzles and spray guns have been widely used in cosmetic bottles and chemical bottles. The spray head and spray gun are more accurate in dosage control and more in line with people's usage habits.

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