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Do You Know How To Properly Store Spirits?

Dec 03, 2022

Compared with ordinary wine, the storage time of spirits is longer, but this does not mean that spirits can be stored at will, otherwise even spirits will change their taste. So how should spirits be stored? Woolen cloth?

store spirits

How long can spirits be stored?

Generally speaking, spirits have a longer storage period after bottling, and will not turn into sour "vinegar" drinks like beer or wine. However, old alcoholics who have practiced a lot should feel this way. Newly opened spirits will have a strong smell of alcohol, but after being "left out" for a period of time, they will try this wine again, and the flavor will be more coordinated and will not feel offended. of alcohol.

Although they are easier to drink after being stored, this does not mean that they are indestructible. Once the bottle is opened, the spirits will slowly react with the oxygen in the air, affected by factors such as sunlight and temperature, and the quality and freshness will decline accordingly. Therefore, considering all aspects, the tasting time for a bottle of spirits with an alcohol content of 40% should be about one to two years. If you drink it quickly and store it properly, it will be no problem for five or six years.

But there are two points to note here. 1. Among the spirits, the alcohol content of liqueur is relatively low, and the flavor will decay faster. 2. When the spirits are half full, even spirits bottled with 40% alcohol will decay faster due to increased contact with oxygen. So, in the second situation, call your friends and have a drink together.

How to store it for a longer time?

1. Avoid direct sunlight

For the preservation of spirits, the first thing to do is to avoid light. If you store a bottle of spirits in a well-lit place, you will find that the various aroma substances in the original liquor have been slowly decomposed in a short time. So storing spirits in a cool, dark corner is not to neglect it, but to cherish it. Of course, wine cellars and cellars are a big favorite for it.

Usually, we can find that wine bottles for spirits are generally divided into transparent bottles and opaque bottles. The reason why the winery uses opaque wine bottles is also to prevent the quality of the wine from being affected by long-term light exposure.

If the spirits we buy are bottled in transparent wine bottles, then we must store them in the place with the least light transmission during preservation.

2. Store in a place with constant temperature as much as possible

In addition to direct sunlight, the temperature is another killer that "kills" your beloved spirit. For the "living environment", the requirements of spirits are not "vigorous, great joy and great sorrow", but hope for a "flat and flat" life. For example: living in an environment that is not so cold in winter and not so hot in summer. The temperature of the living room is also relatively stable, and a room with a large temperature difference between day and night is not recommended.

3. Protect the cork

Unlike wine storage, horizontal storage is simply not an option for spirits. Because of its high alcohol content, it is likely to corrode the cork, causing the cork to break or crumble.

◆Horizontal placement

Therefore, spirits are generally placed vertically, but it should be noted here that the cork of spirits should not be particularly dry or wet. If it shrinks or is soaked, the cork will lose its tightness, and air will seep into the bottle, and the alcohol will The degree will also gradually evaporate.

◆Vertical placement

If you buy spirits with screw caps, affected by the temperature of different seasons, the screw caps will often loosen by themselves, making the wine body in contact with oxygen too much, so remember to twist it from time to time.

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